Koko’s Suicide Prevention Kit provides free resources for everyone in your online community — right when they need it the most. Integration is quick and easy. Join a growing group of platforms dedicated to making mental health accessible to everyone.

Our Online Suicide Prevention Kit has two components:

  1. A native library that detects high risk terms and phrases.
  2. An embed that links to free resources and online interventions

Here's why this is important

Many platforms and online communities track keywords, but their lists are by no means comprehensive. And while some platforms provide PSAs and support pages, the resources are often underwhelming and lack evidence-base.


Many large online platforms use keywords to protect against high-risk terms and phrases (e.g., hashtags, search terms, profile descriptions). However, there are a lot of inconsistencies across different platforms and a lot of opportunities to improve the effectiveness of this defense. Importantly, most sites are not able to regularly update keywords in response to dangerous new slang terms, such as “blue whale challenge” or “sewerslide.”

To address this issue, we are releasing a keyword library to help partners deploy best-in-class keyword defenses that improve over time. Our keywords are sourced from over 12k crisis posts from our platform and are hand-curated by social and clinical psychologists on our team. We also use text generators like GPT-3 to expand beyond our user-generated corpus. The terms are updated regularly based on new patterns that emerge on our support platform, as well as co-listed terms on large social platforms.


All of our resources can be accessed online, for free, without having to download an app. This enables us to reach users where they are, right at the moment they are seeking help. We provide users with peer support, self-guided mini courses, crisis triage, etc. Our services are evidence-based and have been studied in eight peer-reviewed publications.


What’s Next