We've strived to make implementing out suicide prevention toolkit as easy as possible. The quick-start guide will walk you through the high level steps with links out to relevant material for further information.

Step 1: Get an API key from us

Signup here to get an api key: https://r.kokocares.org/api_signup

Step 2: Install the native library for your platform

We currently have language bindings for Python, Ruby, PHP and Go with support for all other major runtimes coming soon. You can directly implement against our API.

Step 3: Choose the right filters for your use case

Our keywords are categorized across three dimensions; category, confidence and intensity. To see the full list, please consult our Keyword Categorization.

We recommend starting with high confidence and intensity for the highest risk categories. For example:

koko_keywords.match("suicide", "category=suicide,self_harm,depression:confidence=high")

Step 4: For a positive match, direct the user to our suggested links

We recommend directing users to our support page. This ensures your users will always have access to the most up-to-date resources and information.

Please format the url with your site name and the search term. For example:


Step 5: Change lives!

As soon as you've integrated our referral PSA, you'll start helping users with evidence based support. We'll be shortly releasing dashboards that will show you how many people you've helped and other meaningful top level stats.